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Cranos - Advantages of a custom-made prosthesis



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Dr. William Dallolio
Neurosurgeon and President of A.N.N.A.
Lecco Hospital.

Cranos - Advantages of a custom-made prosthesis

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MendecĀ® Cranio

Mendec® Cranio is an acrylic resin with special handling properties for excellent results in the reconstruction of small cranial defects.

What are the advantages of the Custom-made Cranos prosthesis?
The custom-made Cranos prosthesis has various advantages:
First of all it allows a reduction in operation times, therefore of the actual surgery time, with a reduction of manipulation in and out of the operating room thus reducing possible contamination and infection risks.
Secondly, there is a total absence of other air bubble systems during its preparation, thus reducing the mechanical resistance.
Finally, there is no monomer release that could cause inflammation processes after some time.

What are the indications?
The Cranos prosthesis has various indications.
First of all, when it is not possible to re-transplant the patient's bone operculum and also when the bone hole is wide and, in our case, is larger than 20-25 sq/cm.
Finally it is used when the bone hole is geometrically complicated or when it is considered major, from an aesthetical point of view.

When is the Cranos prosthesis not indicated?
Well, when the reconstruction time has expired I would say.
The absolute contraindication is during an infection in course or, in any case, during a latent infection.

What results have been reached so far?
We have a four-year experience with the Cranos prosthesis and we have not had any rejection so far, requiring therefore the need to intervene again.
As far as doctor satisfaction is concerned, we have not had any prosthesis breakage nor any type of infection.
As far as patients are concerned, we have an optimal satisfaction especially from an aesthetical point of view.

What are the indications for the Mendec Cranio acrylic resin?The Mendec Cranio acrylic resin is first of all indicated when the cranial defect is equivalent or lower than 25 sq/cm, therefore small or medium-sized.
It is also used to fill small bone holes such as drill holes or small craniectomies.

What are the advantages?
Mendec Cranio acrylic resin has various advantages.
First of all it has excellent handling properties.
The long handling period enables you to realize the desired geometrical shape and to create the prosthesis on-site, allowing polymerization of the surgical field to be carried out at a distance without it being modified and therefore avoiding monomer contamination.

What results have been reached so far?
By using Mendec Cranio acrylic resin we have never had infections nor rejections, requiring the need to intervene again.