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SIOT 2017

Tecres will attend the SIOT meeting in Palermo, from 20th to 23rd of October. Visit us at booth 42

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SIOT 2017

Here we talk about:


Vancogenx® is the first bone cement loaded with Gentamicin + Vancomycin. Available in 2 versions with 2 different viscosities.

Cemex® System

Cemex® System is the exclusive all-in-one system to mix and deliver bone cement with preloaded powder and liquid. Today the device is available in 6 versions

Spacer for hip

The wide range of preformed spacer includes 24 variants. 4 types of stem combinable with 3 sizes of head and 2 options of antibiotic.


Spacer for knee

The preformed spacer for knee includes 7 variants: 3 with Gentamicin and 4 with Vancomycin + Gentamicin

Spacer for shoulder

The preformed spacer for shoulder is loaded with Gentamicin and is available in 2 sizes


Cal-CEMEX®  is the innovative reinforced bone substitute with an hybrid formula...