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Tecres research laboratories developed Vancogenx®, the first Vancomycin and Gentamicin loaded bone cement.

  • allows effective, high-dose release of Vancomycin and Gentamicin
  • guarantees excellent mechanical performances
  • presents ideal viscosity for all types of use, for both manual and syringe application
  • has a non-abrasive action due to the use of barium sulphate as the radiopaque tracer
  • reduces the heat developed during curing and lower toxicity due to the low monomer content
Vancogenx® is the ideal solution for the fixation of antibiotic loaded spacers and prosthetic components during revision surgery due to infections caused by resistant micro-organisms.



Standard Viscosity - Suitable both for manual and syringe application.
Package: 40g.

Vancogenx HV
High Viscosity - Suitable for manual application
Package: 40g.

  • Vancomycin and Gentamicin

    • Have a synergic action as their antibacterial efficacy is more potent when they are used together. 
    • Boast a spectrum of action covering approximately 90% of the pathogens commonly isolated in orthopaedic infections.
    • Is the most commonly used and widely reported combination when bone cement is utilised in cases of concomitant treatment of infections. 


    The advantages of Vancogenx®:
    • broad spectrum of action
    • synergic antimicrobial effect
    • prevention of bacterial adhesion
    • effective as a coadjuvant in the treatment of infection


  • 2 Mix
    Easy and reliable mixer that allows vacuum mixing.

    2 Mix Gun
    2 Mix extrusion gun

    Bowl and Spatula
    Bowl and Spatula for manual mixing

    4 Mix Bowl
    Bowl for bone cement mixing


    Femoral Brush

    Femoral Sponge


    Polyethilene Restrictors

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