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Spacer for shoulder

The Tecres spacer for Shoulder has a load-bearing structure in stainless steel coated with gentamicin bone cement and it resembles a shoulder prosthesis

Spacer Shoulder

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Spacer S - Gentamicin
Available in 2 sizes of head:


    • Ready to use device
    • Maintenance of joint space and mobilisation
    • Effective in situ release of antibiotic
    • Facilitation of definitive re-implant surgery
    • Standardized mechanical performance
    • Reduction of functional recovery time after the two stage procedure 
  • Spacer-S Trial
    Trial spacer to select the right size of spacer before implant it.
    Package with 2 sizes (41-46mm)

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The preformed spacer

The preformed spacer

Giovanni Calonego
Tecres Scientific Coordinator