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Cal-CEMEX® is the innovative reinforced bone substitute with an hybrid formulation b-TCP + PMMA that facilitate bone growth and assure immediately a very high mechanical resistance.

Osteoconductivity, favoured by the ß-TCP component, is due to the material special porosity:

  • Open porosity: allows fluids to penetrate inside the material, to favour bone ingrowth
  • Microporosity: the bone is able to reconstitute in a more diffuse manner
  • Macroporosity: macropores accomodate the new bone tissue, allowing differentiation into lamellae

Thanks to the PMMA component, Cal-CEMEX®:

  • Achieves maximum mechanical resistance immediately
  • Maintains an unaltered volume over time
  • Is a long-lasting support for bone tissue

Cal-Cemex Reinforced Bone Substitute


    • Proven osteoconductivity
    • High mechanical performance, immediately
    • For injection or manual application
    • Working time up to 5 min 45 sec
    • Radiopaque, visible at X-Ray
  • Xtruder
    The device for easy and fast application even of high viscosity bone void fillers and acrylic resins

    The device for easy mixing even of high viscosity bone void fillers and acrylic resins