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The Locker

The Locker is a disposable device for the preparation and supply of acrylic resin that is able to strengthen and stabilize the mechanical capacity of synthesis devices applied to osteoporotic bones (screw augmentation).

The Locker include:

1) an acrylic resin:

  • easy to prepare;
  • high fluidity for an optimal application;
  • high radiopacity;
  • proven viscosity for a better control during injection stage.

2) device for injection:

  • Enables a controlled and precise resin supply;
  • Enables the immediate suspension of the injection thus ensuring the patient’s security;
  • It is complete and does not require any external accessory.

3) flexible connection tube to connect needle with the gun and keep the operator at a safe distance from radiation


The Locker
Resin, device and connection tube

The Locker + cannula 11 gauge x 525mm
Double extrusion tip.
Indicated for the traumatology of the hip.

The Locker + needle 13 gauge x 120mm
Steel needle with beveled tip.
Suitable for different anatomical sites.


    • Less risk of synthesis failure (cut-out) (1-2-3-4)
    • Increase of the mechanical stability of synthesis devices (5-6)

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  • Cannula 11 gauge x 525mm

    Needle 13 gauge x 120mm
    Beveled tip, for many anatomical sites