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Mendec® Spine HV System


Mendec® Spine HV System is a new closed mixer that already has both powder and liquid components inside.
Tecres keeps on its history of firsts presenting a new milestone in spine market. Mendec® Spine HV System proudly follows the original patent of Cemex® System, the first bone cement all in one system.

Mendec Spine HV System


    • TIME SAVING: ready to use in 1 minute. No waiting time.Thanks to the new HV formula that allows also to extend the working time up to 14 min*.


    • TOTAL CONTROL: the new High Viscosity and radiopaque (30% barium sulphate) formula is developed to ensure total control during the extrusion. The special formula allows to work safe, step by step, for an extended time.


    • RELIABLE RESULTS: The highest quality resin, all the times. Thanks to the pantented System mixing technology. 


    • SAFER FOR MEDICAL TEAM: No vapours, no glass debris. The system is completely sealed, thus protecting operators from being exposed to monomer fumes. No handling of glass ampoule, zero risk of injury or glass debris, thanks to the Tecres unique T Membrane.


    • SAFER FOR PATIENT: no risk of contamination. Operators do not come into contact with the material at any stage of the cementation process, nor do the components come into contact with the enviroment.


    • USER FRIENDLY: Only one piece, with everything inside. The universal Luer lock allows the connection with dedicated Tecres delivery devices or with other Luer lock compatible delivery devices. 


    *Mendec® Spine HV resin extruded through 11 gauge filler. Temperature 21°C

    Mendec Spine HV System


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