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Mendec® Spine Kit

Mendec® Spine Kit is the complete system for vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. Easy to use, accurate and monouse.

  • a specific high fluidity resin with high x-ray contrast;
  • a device which allows the application into vertebral bodies in a safe and accurate manner.

Mendec Spine Kit Resin

    • FLUIDITY: simple and perfect resin extrusion
    • VISIBILITY: immediate measurement of the injected resin, even with small quantities
    • PRECISION: the screw-shaped piston allows an accurate extrusion
    • PRATICITY: the complete kit does not require any external accessory for both the preparation and the extrusion of the resin
    • SAFETY:
      • for the patient: resin is clearly visible during its diffusion in the vertebral body and the extrusion can be immediately blocked
      • for the surgeon: the high fluidity and the screw-shaped system allow the extrusion of resin through an extension tube. In this way the surgeon can stay away from irradiation area.
  • Freezer ring
    Refrigerant device to use with Mendec Spine Kit to extend the time of extrusion of resin.

    Needles for vertebroplasty
    (see product "Needles")

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